The Group was established in 1991, initially as Randall & Quilter Investment Holdings plc and subsequently as Randall & Quilter Investment Holdings Ltd., before being renamed in 2022 to R&Q Insurance Holdings Ltd.

R&Q is domiciled in Bermuda and with an AIM listing since 2007. R&Q was added to the AIM 100 Index in May 2019 and its shares began trading on the OTCQX Best Market in January 2022.

Our business is organised around two core lines of business:

1) Legacy Acquisitions

2) Program Management (Fronting)

These two operations are complimentary and utilise the same regulated platforms in the US, UK and the EU.

R&Q’s strategy is to offer investors attractive, growing and reoccurring fee income from its two core businesses, Legacy Insurance and Program Management. In both businesses, R&Q has established strong positions in hard to penetrate markets underpinned by leading industry talent and underwriting and origination capabilities.

We are:

  • A manager and investor of run-off (legacy) related insurance assets for third party investors. This provides fee income based on Reserves under Management (RUM) alongside capital extraction and book value opportunities based on R&Q’s investment in these assets alongside third party investors. R&Q retains 20% of legacy transactions, with the remaining 80% reinsured via Gibson Re, its dedicated reinsurance sidecar and

  • A fronting and program manager through our licensed and rated platforms in the US, UK and Europe where we act as a conduit for capital providers, such as reinsurers, and niche underwriting businesses, such as MGAs. This provides investors with steady and renewable fee income, which complements the less-consistent legacy acquisition revenues.

R&Q’s two core operations offer investors the benefits of a high quality, reoccurring, fee income from its Program Management and Legacy Insurance businesses.

The 5 pillars of our strategy are:

  • Enhance Transparency: Economic driven decision-making that facilitates long-term value creation, efficient allocation of capital, enhanced risk management and strong governance
  • Increasing Fee Income / Capital-Lighter Model: Focus on annual, recurring fee income and pivoting to a capital-lighter and higher return on equity model
  • Automating Processes: Required to support growth and create operating leverage
  • Engaging Employees: Empower constructive, transparent and open dialogue to execute the strategy
  • Acting Responsibly: Respect for all stakeholders of the business and embrace ESG in our business processes.