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R&Q is a profitable and progressive dividend paying non-life insurance group. The Group was established in 1991, initially as Randall & Quilter Investment Holdings plc and subsequently as Randall & Quilter Investment Holdings Ltd., before being renamed in 2022 to R&Q Insurance Holdings Ltd. R&Q is domiciled in Bermuda and with an AIM listing since 2007. R&Q was added to the AIM 100 Index in May 2019 and its shares began trading on the OTCQX Best Market in January 2022.

Following a recent strategic review, our business is now organised around two core offerings:

1) Legacy Acquisitions

2) Program Management (Fronting)

These two operations are complimentary and utilise the same regulated platforms in the US and the EU.

R&Q offers investors profits, growth in book value and capital extraction through legacy acquisitions and complimentary fee income through our separate program management business.

We are:

  • An investor and manager of run-off (legacy) related insurance assets. Providing investors with profits, capital extraction opportunities and growth in book value, and
  • A fronting and program manager through our licenced and rated platforms in the US and Europe where we act as a conduit for capital providers, such as reinsurers, and niche underwriting businesses, such as MGAs. This provides investors with steady and renewable fee income which compliments the less-consistent legacy acquisition revenues.