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Legacy Acquisitions

Legacy Acquisitions

We have a proven track record of providing exit and restructuring solutions through:

  • Acquisition
  • Portfolio Transfer (Novation)
  • Reinsurance (including RITC)
  • Insurance business transfer (including Part VII)
  • SIR/Deductible reimbursement policies

We provide customised solutions that benefit owners of discontinued or non-core operations through:

  • Enhanced liquidity
  • Capital efficiency
  • Freeing up management time
  • Reduced risk exposure

Our experienced and dedicated mergers and acquisitions team is focused on providing bespoke exit solutions within expedient execution timeframes.

With A- rated carriers in the US,  admitted across all States,  and in Malta, with all non-life licences and freedom of services across the EU and a branch in the UK, the Group is able to offer widespread solutions as replacement capacity.

The Group also has liability consolidation vehicles in Bermuda, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Cayman and Vermont.

The Group completed 19 transactions during 2020, comprising 2 novations, 7 reinsurance transactions, 1 Part VII transfer and 9 acquisitions.

Jurisdictions where we have experienced recent activity include United States, United Kingdom, Bermuda, Lloyd’s of London, Ireland, Cayman Islands and Germany.

Between 2009 and 31 December 2020 we completed 120 transactions in 36 regulatory jurisdictions (click here for transaction detail).

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Key Facts


transactions completed in 2020


transactions completed since 2009 across 36 regulatory jurisdictions in 19 countries


net reserves and £1.6bn cash and investments acquired 2009-2020


non-life insurance companies in the Group


consolidation vehicles in Malta, the UK, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Bermuda, Vermont and Oklahoma


specialist run-off vehicle, Syndicate 1110, set up to provide finality for Lloyd’s syndicates via RITC and LPTs

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