The Board has adopted a progressive dividend policy of paying 25%-50% of Pre-Tax Operating Profit, which balances reinvestment in our business and growing a dividend to shareholders, while minimising the need to raise external capital. While we are in growth mode, we believe it is in the best interests of the Group to create long term shareholder value by using our internally generated capital to invest at high rates of return to build our future and scale our business.

Dividends will normally be paid twice a year.

Interim: announced with half year results and paid in June

Final: announced with full year results and paid in October

A more detailed explanation of our future dividend plans is included in our 2021 Results Announcement. To read the announcement please click here.

For previous distribution details please see below.

Distribution History

Financial Year Ended 31 December Final / Interim Amount of distribution per ordinary share
2020 Final 0.2p
2020 Interim 3.8p
2019 Final 1 ordinary share for every 22 ordinary shares held
2019 Interim 3.8p
2018 Final 5.6p
2018 Interim 3.6p
2017 Final 5.4p
2017 Interim 3.5p
2016 Final 5.2p
2016 Interim 3.4p
2015 Final 5.0p
2015 Interim 3.4p
2014 Final 5.0p
2014 Interim 3.4p
2013 Final 5.0p
2013 Interim 3.4p