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Group Solvency Reports





Group Solvency/Capital as at 31/12/2020 – Highlights:

Statutory Economic Capital and Surplus534,508338,590
Minimum Margin of Solvency216,382138,097
Transition Enhanced Capital Requirement284,765190,938
Group Solvency Capital Requirement Ratio188%177%


Geographic Split as at 31/12/2020:

£’000UKNorth AmericaEuropeTotal
Group Assets874,0471,281,259591,8372,747,143
Group Liabilities683,9301,122,591550,6872,357,208


Investment Allocation as at 31/12/2020:

Government and Government Agencies229,753188,030
Corporate Bonds573,383345,296
Cash Based Investment Funds54,50415,646
Cash and Cash Equivalents267,829252,741