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Company History

Changed company name to R&Q Insurance Holdings Ltd
R&Q Quest Management Services (Cayman) Limited was dissolved

Accredited Group Agency was dissolved
R&Q Insurance (Europe) Limited was merged into Accredited Insurance (Europe) Limited
R&Q RI Insurance Company was dissolved
R&Q Quest PCC, LLC was dissolved
Acquired Oleum Insurance Company Limited
R&Q Services Bermuda Limited was incorporated
Sold R&Q Epsilon Insurance Company SE
Marillac Insurance Company, Ltd. merged into R&Q Re (Cayman) Ltd.
RSI Solutions International, Inc. was dissolved
Acquired Vibe Syndicate Management Limited
Acquired Vibe Services Management Limited
Acquired Electric Insurance Limited Designated Activity Company
Sold R&Q Commercial Risk Services Limited to Stride Limited
R&Q Alpha Insurance Company SE and R&Q Beta Insurance Company SE merged with Accredited Insurance (Europe) Limited
NationsBuilders Insurance Company merged into ICDC, Ltd.
Sold R&Q Quest SAC Company Limited
Sold R&Q Quest Insurance Limited

Acquired Mondi Reinsurance Ltd.
Acquired The World Marine & General Insurance P.L.C.
Acquired Inceptum Insurance Company Limited
Acquired Vibe Corporate Member Limited
Acquired Marillac Insurance Company, Ltd.
Randall & Quilter Canada Holdings Limited was dissolved
R&Q Risk Services Canada Limited was dissolved
Requiem America Inc. was dissolved
Syndicated Services Company, Inc. was dissolved
Sandell Re Ltd. was combined with Tradesman Program Managers, LLC
Acquired NationsBuilders Insurance Company
Acquired Citadel Assurance Company, Inc.
R&Q Insurance Management (Gibraltar) Limited was dissolved
Sold interest in Callidus Solutions Limited to Callidus Group Limited
FNF Title Company Limited was dissolved
Acquired ICI Insurance Company Limited
Acquired CMAL LLC
LBL Acquisitions, LLC was dissolved
Sold Trilogy Managing General Agents Limited to Resolution Underwriting Holdings Limited
Acquired Vigneron Insurance Company, Inc.
Randall & Quilter Bluebird Holdings Inc. was dissolved

Acquired Distinguished Re Ltd.
Southern Illinois Land Company, Inc. was dissolved
Western Captive Company DAC was dissolved
Acquired Sandell Holdings Ltd along with its 100% owned subsidiary Sandell Re Ltd
Acquired GLOBAL U.S. Holdings, Incorporated
Acquired Western Captive Company DAC
Nationale-Nederlanden Internationale Schadeverzekering SE was acquired and changed its name to R&Q Epsilon Insurance Company SE
MPS Risk Solutions Limited was acquired by Accredited Insurance (Europe) Limited and was renamed to R&Q Eta Company Limited

R&Q Capital No. 4 Limited was dissolved
R&Q Insurance (Malta) Limited was renamed to Accredited Insurance (Europe) Limited
R&Q KMS Management Limited was dissolved
R&Q CG Limited was dissolved
R&Q SIS Limited was dissolved
R&Q Secretaries Limited was dissolved
Prosight Specialty Underwriters Ltd was acquired and changed its name to R&Q Munro Services Company Limited
Prosight Specialty Managing Agency was acquired and changed its name to R&Q  Munro MA Limited
Constantia Insurance Company (Guernsey) Limited was amalgamated into Capstan Insurance Company Limited and dissolved
R&Q Broker Services Limited was dissolved
Reinsurance Solutions Limited was dissolved
Octagon Insurance Group, Ltd was dissolved
R&Q Alpha Company Limited was redesignated as a PLC
R&Q Beta Company Limited was redesignated as a PLC
Sold A.M. Associates Insurance Services Ltd to Davies Group Limited
Sold R&Quiem Limited to Davies Group Limited
Sold JMD Specialist Insurance Services Group Limited to Davies Group Limited
Sold JMD Specialist Insurance Services Limited to Davies Group Limited
Sold JMD Market Services Limited to Davies Group Limited
Sold John Heath & Co to Davies Group Limited
Sold Randall & Quilter Bermuda Holdings Limited to Davies Group Limited
Sold R&Q Intermediaries (Bermuda) Limited to Davies Group Limited
Sold R&Q Quest Management Services Limited to Davies Group Limited
Sold R&Q Captive Management LLC to Davies Group Limited
R&Q Liquidity Management Limited was dissolved
R&Q Archive Services Limited was dissolved
R&Q CalSol Limited was dissolved

Acquired Constantia Insurance Company (Guernsey) Limited
Acquired ProSight Specialty (ECUM) Limited
Acquired ProSight Specialty (TSMC) Limited
The Handling Norge Group was dissolved
Linco Limited was merged into Berda Developments Limited and dissolved
Acquisition of Wescap Company
Sold R&Q Managing Agency Limited to Coverys UK Holding Co Limited
Agreed terms on major Lloyd’s RITC with ProSight Specialty Insurance
Acquisition of Octagon Insurance Group, Ltd.
Acquisition of Linco Limited
Acquisition of ICDC, Ltd.
Merger of Armitage International Insurance Company, Ltd. into Berda Developments Limited, with Berda being the surviving entity
Acquired The Royal London General Insurance Company Limited
La Metropole Compagnie Belge d’Assurance SA was dissolved
Sold R&Q Triton AS
Acquired AstraZeneca Insurance Company Limited

Acquired Clariant Insurance AG
Acquired Solicitors Mutual Defence Fund Limited and Solicitors Mutual Claims Services Limited
Acquired United States Sports Insurance Company, LLC
Acquired The Royal London General Insurance Company Limited
Acquired Agency Program Insurance Company (SAC), Limited
Rank Insurance Limited amalgamated into Capstan Insurance Limited
Acquired Rank Insurance Limited
Sold the Synergy portfolio to a subsidiary of Global Risk Partners Limited

Part VII Transfer of the insurance business of Liverpool and London Steamship Protection and Indemnity Assurance Limited to R&Q Insurance (Malta) Limited
Acquired FNF Title Insurance Company Limited
Principle Insurance Company Limited dissolved following the Part VII transfer to R&Q Insurance (Malta) Limited
Amalgamated R&Q Insurance (Guernsey) Limited into Capstan Insurance Limited
Acquired the entire issued share capital of IC Insurance Limited from AstraZeneca UK Limited and Imperial Chemicals Industries Limited
Sold R&Q Marine Services Ltd to Hiscox Ltd.
Completed the portfolio transfer of Tryg Forsikring AS’s discontinued marine business to R&Q Insurance (Malta) Limited
Completed the portfolio transfer from Aker Insurance AS to R&Q Insurance (Malta) Limited

Acquired Armitage International Insurance Company, Ltd.
Acquired Berda Development Limited
Acquired Oval Financial Services Limited
Acquired Pender Mutual Insurance Company Limited
Acquired Southern Illinois Land Company
Set up Randall & Quilter Healthcare Holdings Inc. and R&Q Healthcare Interests LLC (Delaware)
Acquired Accredited Holding Corporation (Florida)
Relocated Norwich office to city centre location
Migrated Syndicate 1897 to another managing agent on 1 April
Pre-emption of Syndicate 1991 capacity to £150m for the 2014 Year of Account

R&Q Insurance (Malta) Limited authorised by MFSA
Part VII transfer of Chevanstell business into R&Q Insurance (Malta) Limited
Acquired Flagstone Alliance Insurance and Reinsurance Ltd. (‘FAIR’)
Acquired Woodcroft Insurance Company Limited (Guernsey) Captive
Redomiciled Head Office to Bermuda, 5 July
Novation of business from MPPA Insurance Ltd (Captive) Bermuda
Acquired La Réassurance Intercontinentale
Raised £24.1m of capital net of expenses, May
Acquired Hickson (IOM) Captive
Novation of business from SL Insurance (the Virgin Group’s Guernsey captive)
Launched Lloyd’s Syndicate 1991

Acquired Trimac (Barbados) Captive
Acquired Northern Foods (Guernsey) Captive
Acquired RAB (Guernsey) Captive
Acquired Capstan (Guernsey) Captive
Acquired Linpac (Guernsey) Captive
Acquired Alma Insurance Finland
Set up Washington DC PCC
Acquired high net worth underwriting business – Synergy Insurance Services (UK) Limited

New specialist underwriting business set up – R&Q Just Underwriting Limited – specialising in sport and leisure
New US captive management business set up – R&Q Quest Management Services USA LLC
Reduction of capital and share buyback programme
Worldwide entity re-organisation programme
Acquired Triton Management AS (Norway)
Set up Jersey PCC
Acquired Yacht and Marine Trades underwriting business from Talbot Underwriting
Acquired Principle Insurance Company Limited – a portfolio of Takaful motor insurance in run-off

Acquired A.M. Associates Insurance Services Ltd.
Acquired JMD Specialist Insurance Services Limited
R&Q is “Turnkey” manager of syndicate 1897 for Skuld
Acquired La Licorne S.A. from MAAF Assurances S.A.
Acquired Callidus Consulting
Acquired John Heath & Company Inc. (US)
Opened R&Q Canada office
Acquired Excess & Treaty Management Corporation
Acquired Reinsurance Solutions Limited (UK)
Acquired Reinsurance Solutions LLC (US)
Acquired Caledonian Insurance Management Limited and subsidiary (Gibraltar)

Acquired Woolworths Captive
Acquired Goldstreet Insurance Company from Sequa Corp & Columbia Insurance Company

Acquired KMS Group of run-off service businesses
Acquired Quest Group of captive management companies in Bermuda

IPO on London’s AIM market, raising c.£30m

Acquired Brandywine group of run-off companies from Ace, now renamed R&Q Re (US), R&Q Re (UK) and R&Q Belgium
Acquired Chevanstell, the run-off of the former Tryg-Baltica International UK Ltd
Aquired Ancon UK (renamed Arran) from ExxonMobil

Awarded Goshawk run-off at Lloyd’s
Acquired Transport Insurance Company from American Financial Group

Formed Cavell Managing Agency Limited for run-off
Acquired Cavell Management Services Ltd, following expiration of 3 year non-compete

Acquired La Metropole S.A., a Belgian regulated company in run-off
Sold Eastgate (then with 1500 employees and US $150m p.a. turnover) to Capita Group plc
Acquired US service operation from Eastgate

Formed Dukes Place (Bermuda Fund) to acquire solvent insurance company in run-off

Following substantial expansion, UK servicing business renamed ‘Eastgate’

Acquired contract to manage Gooda Walker syndicates (in run-off)
Acquired Ludgate Insurance Company (Weavers Pool run-off) from MMI/St. Paul

Group formation