Legacy Acquisitions

We have a proven track record of providing exit and restructuring solutions through:

  • Outright acquisition
  • Portfolio transfer
  • Part VII transfer & Insurance business transfer
  • Novation
  • Reinsurance
  • Adverse development coverage
  • Cross border merger
  • Assignment of insurance liabilities
  • Deductible reimbursement protection
  • Reinsurance to close

We provide customised solutions that benefit owners of discontinued or non-core operations through:

  • Enhanced liquidity
  • Capital efficiency
  • Freeing up management time
  • Reduced risk exposure

Our experienced and dedicated mergers and acquisitions team is focused on providing bespoke exit solutions within expedient execution timeframes.

The Group completed 19 transactions during 2017, comprising 7 outright acquisitions, 6 loss portfolio transfers, 2 novations, 2 assignments of insurance liabilities, 1 adverse development cover and a Part VII transfer.

Jurisdictions where we have experienced recent activity include United States, United Kingdom, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Lloyd’s of London, Belgium and Guernsey.

Since 2009, we have completed 69 transactions in 30 jurisdictions covering a wide spectrum of sectors (click here for transaction detail):



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Key facts

  • We completed 19 transactions in 2017, involving net reserves totalling circa £260m

  • We currently own:

    24 non-life insurance companies, 5 of which are captive consolidation vehicles in Malta, the UK, Guernsey and the Isle of Man

    7 cells in the R&Q rent-a-captive facility for consolidation activity