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Notice of Annual General Meeting and Bonus Share Issue

15 June, 2020

Following the announcement of the Group’s full year results on 1 June 2020, the Board of Randall & Quilter Investment Holdings Ltd. (AIM:RQIH), the global program management and legacy acquisitions specialist, is pleased to confirm that a notice of annual general meeting incorporating a circular which sets out details in relation to a proposed return of capital to the Company’s shareholders through the creation and issue of bonus shares (“Bonus Share Issue”), and convening the Annual General Meeting of the Company to be held at 12:00 p.m. on 9 July 2020 at 71 Fenchurch Street, Ground Floor, London EC3M 4BS (“Annual General Meeting”), has been posted to the Company’s shareholders today (“Circular”).

The Bonus Share Issue involves the creation of additional Ordinary Shares in the unallocated capital of the Company.  The Bonus Shares will rank pari passu with the existing Ordinary Shares in issue. To effect the Bonus Share Issue:

  • Shareholders will be issued one additional Ordinary Share for every twenty two Ordinary Shares held by them at 6.00 p.m. on 10 July 2020 (or such time and date as the Directors may determine).
  • The total number of Bonus Shares to be issued to any Shareholder will be rounded down to a whole number.

Admission of the Bonus Shares is expected to occur on 15 July 2020.

The Bonus Share Issue is subject to the approval of the Shareholders at the Annual General Meeting.

A copy of the Circular containing more information in relation to the Bonus Share Issue is available here.

Terms defined in the Circular have the same meaning when used in this announcement.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

The Company is committed to ensuring the safety of all its stakeholders during these unprecedented and uncertain times. In the lead up to the Annual General Meeting, we are closely monitoring the impact of the Covid-19 virus in the United Kingdom. Currently, Shareholders are strongly discouraged from attending and should not attend the Annual General Meeting given the measures currently in force to limit the spread of Covid-19. We are planning to conduct the meeting with the minimum number of Shareholders present so as to enable the Annual General Meeting to be quorate. This is expected to mean that only one Director and a single further Shareholder will be physically present at the meeting and social distancing measures will be in place. Shareholders are therefore encouraged to submit a Form of Proxy or Form of Instruction [click here] in advance of the Annual General Meeting. Shareholders are specifically requested not to appoint a named individual as their proxy but instead to appoint the Chairman of the Meeting.

Click here for the full press release.

Notice of Annual General Meeting and Bonus Share Issue

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