About Us

Randall & Quilter Investment Holdings Ltd. (R&Q) is listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and provides core services of legacy acquisitions/management and program partnering. The Group was founded by Ken Randall and Alan Quilter in 1991.

R&Q has a proven track record over three decades of acquiring discontinued books of non-life business and non-life (re)insurance companies and captives in run-off.

We have access to capital and the experience of managing run-off which enables us to free management and investors from the cost and constraints of handling discontinued business. We can do this on both sides of the Atlantic with our licenced platforms in both the US, Bermuda and Europe.

Our recently announced transaction with ProSight Specialty Insurance (click here for press release) also highlights our commitment to providing these exit solutions to the Lloyd’s market.

These same licenced platforms are also crucial for R&Q’s second core service: the provision of program partnership services. R&Q’s US and EU-regulated (re)insurance companies act as conduits between MGAs and other niche underwriters and their capital providers, typically (re)insurers. Our platforms provide the authorised insurance paper enabling insurance entrepreneurs to develop and build their businesses in partnership with their capital providers.

Provision of finality solutions by way of acquisition or restructuring of legacy liabilities and companies in run-off

Insurance Acquisitions

We manage 1 Lloyd’s syndicate and own and operate an MGA platform

Underwriting Management

Independent and comprehensive range of insurance and captive management services

Insurance Management

Services to the live and legacy (re)insurance markets to support growing businesses and address run-off issues

Insurance Services

The Randall & Quilter Group: